2020 Toyota Highlander Redesign, Specs, Changes

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2020 Toyota Highlander Release

2020 Toyota Highlander


2020 Toyota Highlander
2020 Toyota Highlander

2020 Toyota Highlander Review – The 2020 Highlander is older every day, and the crossover will need a big update. The competition is also growing. The new Subaru Ascent is a new player in the market, and it is still difficult for the best models to keep pace with new strengths. However, the Japanese company can do this, especially because they are planning the new Toyota Highlander 2020.

So, when to expect the redesign of Highlander? In 2019, it seems that The Toyota Highlander 2020 will appear again as a hybrid. However, the SUV will use a totally different concept. The changes in 2020 Highlander result in revision, and in the end to the new technology. The contemporary one is the 1/3 and dates from 2013. After seven years, the most important facelift is underway.


2020 Toyota Highlander Concept

Highlander is an intermediate three-row crossover. The next edition will keep this place. Toyota does not intend to move it to other segments or replace the SUV. However, the general ideas and the new generation are to improve the vehicle in every way. Therefore, the Toyota Highlander 2020 will use a new concept.


2020 Toyota Highlander Redesign
2020 Toyota Highlander Redesign



There will be no radical changes in the crossover. It will keep a hybrid transmission. In addition, the gasoline range could see an update with a new unit that joins the existing transmission chains. An exterior face wash will make the Toyota Highlander 2020 greater competitive. The futuristic design could come from many standards supplied by Toyota in recent years.


2020 Toyota Highlander Interior

Inside, the big update will include the latest infotainment and entertainment features. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are some features. Navigation will be optional and will be available for later versions. Equipment and accessory levels are not yet available, and we can expect early signs next year.


2020 Toyota Highlander engines Performance

We still do not know if 2020 Toyota Highlander will maintain the current transmissions. Changes are imminent, but it is still early to give the final results. In the first half of 2018, Toyota is making its first tests, but everything is far from being a production vehicle. Engineers will work to increase power and fuel economy. Finally, the Highlander 2020 will raise the bar of existing towing capacity and fuel consumption.

With the modifications under the hood within the conventional gasoline version, the Toyota Highlander Hybrid 2020 can also use a distinctive gadget and combination. The new units will improve overall performance. In addition, Toyota could use more appropriate electric batteries to combine them with the gas transmission, which would result in better specifications.


2020 Toyota Highlander Price and Release Date

As many details are still unknown, it is impossible to predict the price of the Toyota Highlander 2020. Of course, these are the last details we discovered in any new crossover SUV. It will be with Highlander. However, modern features and redesign will surely increase the cost of the game. In addition, we have a new optional motor, as well as the hybrid system. If everything changes, the new Highlander 2020 could cost much more. But, with prices already high compared to the competition, Toyota should not go too far if it wants to keep its customers.