2019 Tesla Model Y Price, Changes, Production

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2019 Tesla Model Y Release Date

2019 Tesla Model Y


2019 Tesla Model Y
2019 Tesla Model Y


2019 Tesla Model Y Review – The manufacturer of Tesla is working on the all-new and all-electric SUV, which will be the smallest and most economical version of the Tesla X model. This is the new Tesla 2019 model that is expected to be introduced next year. First, it was said that model Y would be supported by the same platform used in Model 3, but now it seems that it will receive the completely new architecture.


2019 model Tesla Y Design

First, according to the latest news, the new 2019 Model Tesla Y will embark on the completely new platform instead of the 12-volt battery architecture model 3, which was the first shot. Of course, this means that you will no longer use lead-acid batteries.

Regarding the exterior design of the 2019 model Tesla Y, there is still no official information, except the photo of the claim that was recently revealed. And based on this picture, we can see that the new Tesla will have the usual shape of the SUV and will feel good. From the design point of view, it will present elements of a style similar to those of the X model. Therefore, the hood will have an elegant and clean design with some muscular lines in the wheel arches. However, the Y model must be a little broader or at least wider.

Inside the cabin, we have to admit that, for the moment, all the information must be taken relatively. However, it is very likely that the Y model also receives an interior design similar to the X model. But, since the Y model should be more economical, its cabin is probably simpler and lacks some features. Therefore, in terms of design, the Y model should resemble the Model 3 cabin with the same design as the board and tablet-type screen. In addition, we expect the same two-tone design and similar seating configuration. In addition, features such as autopilot, Wi-Fi hotspot, windows and power locks will be standard.


2019 model Tesla Y Powertrain

The new T2019 model Tesla Y will arrive as a fully electric vehicle as expected. Although this is not yet confirmed, model Y will probably be powered by the same powertrain as model S and Model X. Therefore, the current range includes several batteries, including 75 kWh, 90 kWh and 100 kWh. battery, and it is possible that the Y model is also available with the same batteries. For the range, the model Y must have the same numbers as the Model 3, with a range of 215 miles. In addition, the rear-drive system will be standard, while the all-wheel-drive option will be offered as an option. In addition, we expect it to reach 60 mph in approximately 6 seconds. Its maximum speed will be limited to about 130 km / h.


2019 model Tesla Y Release date and price

The new Tesla Y 2019 model is expected to be introduced in the first half of 2019. Its price should be close to the price of model 3, which starts at around $ 35,000.