2019 Ford Focus Changes, Price

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2019 Ford Focus Release Date, Specs – The fourth generation of the Ford Focus was unveiled after an endless series of leaks, advances and spy photos. Ford overnight revealed the three body styles of the new model at once. The models of hatch and wagon are destined mainly to European clients, whereas the sedan aims at Asia and, presumably, in North America. In Europe, the new Focus will be available in several specialized lines: the sporty ST-Line, the luxurious Titanium, the Active (below) high-level and the luxury Vignale. China, at this time, is only ready to receive the ST-Line and Titanium versions.


2019 Ford Focus
2019 Ford Focus


For a long time, Constant reminders to everyone that you were sad and broke. Even if they are eclipsed by crossovers, today many small cars are beautiful, like the Mazda3 or even the latest Toyota Corolla. But the new 2019 Ford Focus may have defeated them all.


2019 Ford Focus Exterior

The new 2019 Ford Focus may seem long, but in reality, it is not, it’s just a trick thanks to the longer wheelbase. Built on the C2 platform, Ford was able to extend the wheelbase by 2.08 inches (53 mm), which also leads to much shorter front and rear overhangs. That said, many things have changed abroad. In the front, for example, the grill acquires a new look. The hood gets new body lines, but in general, it is the same. In addition, the headlights are brand new and have a fairly sporty LED strip that looks like something you might find in an Audi or a Mercedes.

The rear window is not as bright as before and feels a little wider, like the C-Pillars. As this stationary glass on the side is slightly different, the C-pillar is now a little wider, an aspect that is helped by the new taillights that are now taking much more properties in the back room. The reversing lights are also distributed between the rear quarter and the hatch, a fairly modern style. The rear fascia is quite aggressive with small concave sections that mimic the vertical vents and house the rear reflectors. A subplate surrounds the fascia in the center to create a diffusing aspect.


In general, it is a pretty attractive design. It has a sporty style, aggressive tracks where necessary, and has changed these boring back rooms and boring tail lights. The roofline is also a little flatter and looks longer, which gives the vehicle a more compact appearance. Now, we just need to see what the ST and the more aggressive Focus RS will look like.


2019 Ford Focus Interior

The interior of the 2019 Ford Focus is Refreshed, with a more modern design, a new board design, more sporting equipment panels and more comfortable seats. The most important part of the new generation model is the largest space for rear passengers. You can thank the C2 platform for this, but the rear legroom has increased by 2.8 inches while the width of the shoulders has increased by almost 2.5 inches. The knee increased by two inches. It is huge for the passengers from behind because the old model was quite narrow in the back.


2019 Ford Focus Interior
2019 Ford Focus Interior


Moving on to design and technology, the board is now taking a flatter design and the corner HVAC vents are now much smaller and much less intrusive for the overall design. The large center column is now a thing of the past, now replaced by a floating infotainment system. The central vents of the HVAC system are now low on the board while an elegant control system for information and entertainment is right on top.


2019 Ford Focus Engine

The new 2019 Ford Focus will not be available in the US UU Until next year, so it should not be surprising that the US specifications. UU Still not available. In Europe, however, Focus is available with your choice of a 1.0-liter EcoBoost or 1.5-liter EcoBoost. Both can be taken in different flavors. Models equipped with the 1.0-liter engine can be adjusted to deliver 84 horsepower, 99 horsepower or 123 horsepower. Meanwhile, the 1.5 liters can be obtained with 148 horsepower or 180 horsepower. A six-speed manual transmission is the standard offer, while an eight-speed automatic will be available as an option.


2019 Ford Focus Price

Prices for the new Focus have not yet been announced for any market, but Ford knows its place and does not expect prices to rise too much. The current model is $ 17,950 and $ 24,270 for the sedan or $ 20,540 and $ 24,470 for the non-performance versions of the sedan. At best, prices will go up slightly, so the entry-level sedan is expected to start at $ 18,200, while the hatchback will start at around $ 20,700.


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